Personality Development


One’s personality is developed over time; however, we inherit some of our character traits from our parents at a molecular level. The environment we are raised in and what we become exposed to also greatly impacts our personality. Psychologists have been debated about how we become who we are. Some believe that we are products of our biological makeup and some believe we are products of our environment; however, there is evidence that both our biological makeup and the environment impact our personality.

We are born from two parents who have very distinctive traits at the cellular level. These pass down to their children. This is clear in our physical traits; but, not always evident in our character. Just observing siblings and parents with their children, we can conclude that we can resemble other family members and hear people say, “You look just like your dad/mom/sister/brother.” And you’ve most likely heard, “You act just like your dad/mom/sister/brother.”

Throughout our development as infants, children and adolescence, we engage with the world around us and we learn from our environment. During this time, we make conclusions about ourselves and our personal belief system and worldview forms. (You will learn more about child and adolescent development in the Physical CDC.)

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