9 Week Program

Exiting the Matrix Program Syllabus

Welcome! Please make sure you go to the Start Here page for information about this program before you get started.
(Although this is in a 9 Week format, you can choose to do the program at your own pace.)
Different ways to utilize the material.
  • Print each week’s assignments out and work offline.
  • Work online and enter answers online. (Your information will never be shared without your permission.) Use the share button for your responses if you’d like to email them to yourself or put them on Social Media.
  • Assessments are available on the Assessment Tab. You can complete assessments at any time or you can wait until prompted to do so in the material.
Materials Needed:
Interest in Learning and Improving Oneself
Access to the Internet
Self-Actualization Workbook Print or use for reading and reference.
Notebook for Journaling


Program Layout:


Chapter Core


1 1) Personal Development Personal
2 2) Self-Concept, Self-Esteem & Self-Efficacy Mental
3 3) Self-Actualization Spiritual
4 4) Perception Relational
5 5) Character Qualities Behavioral
6 6) Morality Sexual
7 7) Principles Emotional
8 8) Lifelong Learning Physical
9 9) Values


One chapter in the Self-Actualization Workbook and one Core Dimensional Capability will be covered each week and you will need to:
  • Study the weekly word list
  • Read the assigned chapter and core dimension;
  • Do assigned quizzes, assessments, and research;
  • & journal your experience throughout the entire program.
Upon completion of the 9 weeks, please go to page 73 in the Self-Actualization Workbook for graduation requirements. You will be given further instruction on how to obtain your certificate and an approximate receipt date.
Go to Week One to begin your self-exploratory journey.



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