Week One

Personal Core Dimensional Capability and Personal Development

The Personal Core Dimensional Capability (CDC) pertains to each person’s personal identity. Each of us becomes who we are based on many factors. For example, how one is raised and by whom, our educational background, our biological makeup, religious upbringing, our interactions with society, life experiences, etc. all make up how we express ourselves, how we treat others, how we think, what we want to do with our lives, and even how we dress or express ourselves.
Recognizing the differences that make you unique is important in personal identity. Sometimes we get caught up in what society, our parents, our culture, the government, friends, etc. think we should be or not be. This program is designed to help you release all artificial barriers keeping you from becoming the best you can be. You know yourself better than anyone and you can achieve great things when you align with your True Self.
There are over 7 billion people in the world and when you recognize the truth that no two people are the same, you can begin to see how wonderful and amazing you truly are. It is very important to value yourself Рno matter where you are at in life, what you have done in the past, or what you have experienced. Your opinion alone matters (unless you give your power away).
Throughout this program, we will dig deeper on issues you may be dealing with that are standing in your way to progress toward your goals. Please be patient with yourself and your process. The right answers are the ones you come up with. It is not productive to compare yourself to anyone.
Welcome to the Exiting the Matrix whole person educational program! I’m glad you’re here and I look forward to hearing from you!
Week One Assignments:
1. Self-Actualization Workbook: Read page 6 and complete the Self-Inventory Log on page 7.
2. Self-Actualization Workbook: Answer the questions in the Personality Snapshot beginning on page 8, (continue weekly until finished).
3. Self-Actualization Workbook: Read Chapter One: Personal Development and answer questions on pages 26-27.
4. Read posts in the Week One category located in the right column.


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5. Look up each word in the dictionary or online and write about how each word relates to you. Answer questions for each word, like "What are your desires?" or "What is your worldview." This exercise is done first, so that you can go back and preview your answers later to see how they have changed.

6. What makes you YOU? Create a collage of photos and words that portray who you are as a person. Use words in the wordlist and what you wrote in #1 to help you brainstorm different ideas. Be creative. After completion, take a photo of your collage and click Add Media to upload it.

7. Answer the following questions and submit your answer below.


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