Week Two

Mental Core Dimensional Capability (CDC) and Self-Concept, Self-Esteem, & Self-Efficacy.

The Mental Core Dimensional Capability (CDC) pertains to our mind, which includes the brain. So here we focus on not only having a healthy brain; but, also what we feed our minds, think in our minds, and tell ourselves every day. It is normal for humans to speak to themselves in the mind, even out loud. One’s thoughts have everything to do with how one feels.
Here, I will talk about Emotional Intelligence a little bit, since our thoughts have a huge impact on our emotions. All of the CDC’s do overlap in different ways. Here you will see how physical, emotional, and mental are at play in ‘how we feel’.
There is actually a lot of confusion about feelings and emotions, and how depression and anxiety can be either dismantled or encouraged. This information will clear things up.
There are a couple scenarios that I will go over. First, we will discuss what happens within us when someone does something that we don’t like or hurts us. Immediately after something happens, we get sensations within our body that most of the time isn’t recognized.
For example, we get a knot in our throat; we get chills all over our skin, a pounding headache. These feelings are usually very uncomfortable and actually could stem back to previous heartaches and this new incident strikes a nerve like never before. This would be a post-traumatic stress response, in that case.
Our Emotional Intelligence, or Emotional Quotient, determines what happens next. This is where the thoughts come in at lightning speed and we have to make a choice about how we will react.
Now, thoughts are very powerful, so what we believe will impact whether we go hit someone, send a letter demanding respect or an apology, or not letting it impact us at all.
The next scenario we will discuss is when we get overwhelmed or drained physically, emotionally, and/or mentally. Maybe we did something we aren’t proud of and we start telling ourselves negative things, like, “I’m dumb.”
If unchecked, this could turn into the bad habit of continually telling ourselves negative things and then it becomes like a train…when someone does something to us…we automatically go to this negative place and then we will actually take it out on the other person in a negative way. The more cars on the train will turn out to be a larger disaster.
We will go deeper into the Emotional CDC in Week Seven.
It is critically important to protect our brain from conception. The brain’s ability to function healthily is contingent on our brain’s development and care since we were conceived.
Whether we were dropped on the head as an infant, whether our mother or father were using drugs when we were in the womb, whether we do drugs that are harmful to the brain, or whether we exercise our brain (since it is a muscle) – All impact on how well our brain works!
How do you exercise your brain? By thinking, playing, creating, learning, contemplating an idea, brainstorming, etc. Using your brain is exercise and it is VERY important for optimizing your capacity. Studies have shown that even the smartest humans only use 10% of their brain’s capacity in their lifetime!!!
That is like having a seriously awesome computer; but, we just use the notepad on the machine! Think about that! Don’t waste your brain! So much to explore in this world. What will or do you aspire to do with your brain?
Week Two Assignments:
1. Self-Actualization Workbook: Read Chapter Two and answer the questions on page 43.
2. Self-Actualization Workbook: Answer the questions in the Personality Snapshot beginning on page 8. (Continued.)
3. Read the posts in the Week Two category located in the right column.
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Look up each word in the dictionary or online and write about how each word relates to you. A lot of times, we think we know what words mean; but, looking them up gives us a better understanding. What do you understand about each word? For example, how well did you know these words before you looked them up? Are you surprised?


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