Each of these assessments have been hand-picked from respected organizations, individuals, and companies who encourage you to become the best that you can be. Take the time necessary to do each assessment at your own pace. Afterward, write down or print the results and add notes on areas of interest to you. Take a short break (15 minutes) and set a timer.
When the timer rings, write down what you had been thinking about. For example, what story were you telling yourself? Lying still on your back with your eyes closed and hands on your chest will help you meditate quietly if you are seeking deeper understanding. After you have completed the tasks, do you agree with the results and why do you feel that way?
You will get the most out of this course by being true to yourself throughout this entire course. You hopefully will be more successful and happy than you possibly ever thought you could have otherwise.
Remember, your results are personal. No one is like you and no matter what your results are, you are an Amazing person! Just believe in yourself and do not compare yourself to anyone else! Don’t forget, you’re 1 in 7,339,395,411!
Myers Briggs Personality Assessment
PHEAA, Education Planner, Career Planning
PHEAA, Education Planner, Self-Assessments: What Kind of Student Are You? What’s Your Learning Style? How Strong is Your Character? Which Study Habits Can You Improve?
Learn about your Numerology.This is a very basic understanding. There are a lot of resources delving into this ideology.
What is your Human Design? Create your Rave Chart and learn more about your unique human design here.
Take an IQ test.
Emotional Intelligence Take this quiz to determine your Emotional Quotient.


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