Introduction to CDC’s and Self-Actualization

The Core Dimensional Capabilities (CDC’s) are composed of the following aspects of the human experience: Personal, Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical, Sexual, Relational, Behavioral, and Financial. The Personal CDC is essentially YOU and includes all eight CDC’s. You, as a human being, experience all eight core dimensional characteristics; however, your belief systems of Primary CDC’s will influence your experiences with the Secondary CDC’s.

The Exiting the Matrix Whole Person Education will 1) assist students to examine their own human experience in both primary and secondary CDC’s, 2) assist students to have a full understanding of the human experience (or possibly just fill in the gaps that leads to confusion), 3) encourage students to recognize how they may or may not have been effected negatively by both external and internal factors from conception, and 4) enhance students self-awareness accelerating them toward increased self-actualization.

Understanding Self-Actualization


I am self-actualizing: I am becoming the best version of me possible.

I am self-actualized: I have reached my highest, truest potential.

Self-actualization is the process toward becoming the best version of you possible; toward reaching your truest, highest potential. The process is closely related to being a lifelong learner; but, it also includes the intent of self-analyzation and deep introspection for the purpose to better oneself in all of the CDC’s.

How does one know if they are self-actualizing or are self-actualized? In answering that question, the following information will help you answer that question in regards to yourself. It is important to recognize that only you can conclude whether or not you are self-actualizing or have self-actualized. Learning and understanding what it is will help you determine where you are at in this regard. This is because your human experience is a personal, individual journey; therefore, it is a personal conviction.

This program will encourage you to see that the ONLY opinion of you that really matters in the grand scheme of things is your own opinion of yourself. This is equally true for both religious believers and non-believers because human beings ultimately base their opinions of themselves on a set of standards that they personally choose.  Simply put, if you believe in God or not, you adhere to standards that you willingly place upon yourself and you will base your opinions of yourself against those standards. This program takes a neutral stand on religious choices; however, reference to religious matters is being mentioned here for clarification for believers that this program does not ignore their truth.

The expression of being self-actualized is evident:

  • by knowing who you are;
  • knowing what your purpose is;
  • understanding why you do what you do and did what you did;
  • by how true you are to yourself and others;
  • by your level of self-worth and confidence in yourself;
  • by excelling in all of the CDC’s;
  • in your level of overall satisfaction in life regardless of your situation or past experiences; and,
  • in the realization of making all of your dreams come true.

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